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Feel like you are floating? Alone in a never ending void of information, terminology and fads? Well you are not alone. In fact the majority of our long term clients were floating in a similar space when they discovered us.


You don't need better cameras, social marketing tricks or even a ridiculous budget. Right now you just need clarity. And clarity is our specialty. The Major Tom Media team is made of not just award winning writers, photographers, directors and producers but also agency and corporate marketers who have guided literally hundreds of clients just like you to the success you desire.

What good is a video if no one sees it? Don't spend thousdands on a commercial and then put it on your website and YouTube. Video without advertising is a waste and advertising without video is a long slow uphill battle.


Let us put over 20 years of advertising experience to work for your company. We will design an actual advertising campaign, shoot the video and manage the campaign to ensure you meet your defined goals.

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501 Elm St, Ste 450, Dallas, Texas 75202



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